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Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

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  • This famous statue of Augustus in military gear with allegorical scenes on his breastplate was found at Livia's villa at Prima Porta, near Rome. 

    There are two copies at the Ashmolean Museum, one of which is painted to represent the colours the original might have had.

  • An altar dedicated to Silvanus by Tiberius Claudius Fortunatus

    Translation of the Inscription:

    Tiberius Claudius Fortunatus, freedman of the emperor, set this altar up, sacred to Silvanus, as a gift for the association of Silvanus and the Lares through the agency of his friends and he also dedicated it and gave a feast to officials, four in number, on the 1st August in the consulship of Gaius Minicius Fundanus and Gaius Vettennius Severus.

  • In this relief from Ostia a woman sits doing the accounts in a butcher's shop. Her relationship to the butcher and her stake in the business is unclear. It has often been assumed that she is the butcher's wife. She wears the full dress and has the elaborate hairdo of an upper-class woman, but it seems she is a skilled and professional working woman.

  • Bronze diploma of a soldier.

  • This tiny Latin inscription, made by punching the metal with a pointed hammer, addresses Hercules directly:

    'For the god Hercules, Marus, tribune of the 20th legion, made this.'

    It was dedicated by a Roman army officer stationed in Britain.

    Ashmolean blog about the dedication

  • This stamp says “Domitia Lucilla Minor”, and it was found in Portus.

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